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Copy that Captures Media Attention

Are you looking to create excitement – a “buzz” – for your business, new product line or upcoming event? With strong research skills, attention to detail and a dynamic voice, we can give you the high-quality, compelling press releases/news articles you need.

Using word choice that is specific and memorable, along with searchable keywords and phrases for indexing and optimization, we provide content-rich copy elaborated with lively, informative details and supported by a logical organization. With the tried and true journalistic techniques of attention-getting headlines and leads, our copy will help get your organization noticed. Let Creative Copy Indy take care of your press releases/news articles so you can relax and do what you do best.

How to Get Noticed in the News

Publicity is what you want. A high-impact, well-written press release is what you need. As you begin, remember that a press release is news, so consider your audience. You’re trying to get noticed by a seasoned reporter, one looking to please his editor and interest his readers. Although writing a great press release isn’t necessarily easy, if you follow the rules of good writing and solid journalism, you can attract the attention you want.

Step One: Get Started

Format your press release correctly, starting with the relevant contact information. If a reporter is interested in following up, he needs to know how to find you. Include name, title, business phone and email address of the contact person. Start the body of the release with the date and city from which it originates.

Make it interesting by finding your angle. A press release is all about selling your announcement as an exciting news story. Assuming what you have is newsworthy, make it not only informative, but lively and engaging. If there’s a human interest angle you can include, all the better.

Create an enticing headline by honing in on the most compelling facts. Write a creative but concise summary sentence, omit unnecessary words and you have a headline. Use present tense, strong active verbs and an active voice. Aim to mimic attention-grabbing newspaper headlines. And don’t overlook subheadings. They give you another chance to add persuasive detail without infringing on the headline or the lead.

Step Two: Fill in the Facts

Be journalistic. Think Dragnet’s Joe Friday: “Just the facts, ma’am.” That doesn’t mean, however, that your press release should be boring. It should not. Using a creative writing style, get right to the “who, what, where, when and how” of your story. With one glance at the lead, a reporter should have everything he needs. Capture his interest up front so he will read on.

Write well. Remember this is a news announcement, not a personal sales call, so present the details in third person. The information must be valid; the writing must be solid. Make sure it’s error-free. Fill in the body of your press release with supporting facts and details to back up the claims you make in the headline and lead, giving readers all other relevant information. Add quotes for sparkle, making them conversational and interesting. Don’t expect “We’re excited about our new product” to engage readers. Use quotes to add both personality and meaningful content.

Step Three: Invite Them to Hear More

Be web savvy. Be sure to include links to any web presence you have: your website, your social media pages, and/or your blog. Journalists will look for these. Make yourself easy to find. End the press release with information about the company, as well as with an invitation to learn more. Include two or three sentences about your company or organization, its mission and when it was founded. Include a link to your website. Finally, leave readers with one more invitation to contact you. Repeat the contact name and appropriate information.

Let Us Help

Follow these three simple steps, and you’ll be on your way to writing great press releases/news articles. You can also check out, where you’ll find a sample. If, however, you’re a bit overwhelmed and thinking you’d rather pass along this responsibility, we’re here to help. We can write up the publicity-generating press releases/news articles you need. Give us a shout at