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Wine Company Web Copy

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Complete Online Wine Buyers’ Guide

Top 4 Reasons to Buy Your Wine Online

More and more wine enthusiasts are searching out their favorite bottles of Bordeaux or Bianchetta online and saving big as they go. Cyber-savvy aficionados are logging on with verified coupons and updated coupon codes in hand to find one of the multitude of online wine merchants ready to sell his wares. Once there, these connoisseurs can read reviews, compare prices and with one swift click, fill their shopping cart with this grape-made nectar of the gods.

Today with more than 3,500 wineries in the United States alone and U.S. wine sales topping $21 billion, wine has become big business. With millions of wine lovers as their beneficiaries, online warehouses and individual wineries alike are offering both verified coupons and 2015 daily updated coupon codes for big savings. Perhaps it’s time you take your love of wine online.

And the top for reasons for doing so are…

#4. Bigger Variety Equals Better Choice

Variety is the spice of life, and buying online gives you greater choice. As you browse through the virtual shelves, you’ll find anything from the most common, yet always popular Cabernet Sauvignon to the most exotic, and expensive Dom. Romane Conti. You’ll find foreign and domestic, wines from mega companies or small, family-owned, artisan wineries. You’ll find 2015 coupon codes for not only your favorite Pinot Grigio, but perhaps for an exotic Petrus Pomerol, the favored White House Merlot of the Kennedy years.

#3. Become a Connoisseur

You can learn the tricks of the wine-buying trade as you browse. Online sites help you know as you go with reviews, loads of information and advice to help you make informed selections. Carefully constructed descriptions let you know what you want when you see it: a creamy blend of chocolate, raspberry sophistication, enchantingly lush and pullulating with a dark, sweet cassis, yet a fresh and juicy finish. Who could resist?

#2. It’s a Personal Thing

Contrary to what the naysayers say, buying online can become a satisfyingly personal experience. Once you’ve found that one (or two or three or more) perfect bottle(s), you can pick up the phone. You’ll find a wine enthusiast on the other end, eager to chat about his wines and ready to share recommendations based on your style and taste. Just like the guy (or gal) you find behind the register at your local wine warehouse, he’s looking for customer trust. He welcomes visitors and wants you to come back.

And the Number One reason to buy online….

#1. Online Buying Means Bargains

If you’re trying to score the best bottle at the best price, looking online is a great bet for an even better deal. Online sites buy in big quantities so they can pass the savings on to you and do so in the form of verified coupons and daily updated coupon codes. If you know exactly what you want, you can go directly to the winery, where, using these coupons, they offer big discounts. With specials, trial offers, discounts, memberships and waived shipping fees, you can try a variety of wines you might not typically happen across. A quick trip to http://buyyourwineonline/ , for example, can have you filling that shopping cart for less.

Additional Tricks of the Online Wine Trade

There are a few pitfalls to avoid when you shop for wine online. Be sure to check for “real” inventory, that which is actually available. If you’re not sure, give the company a call. You also want to be clear of shipping rates and policies. Some states cannot ship to other states, so be sure that you’re not in one of those states. You can access the Wine Institute website to find direct-to-consumer state shipping laws. Also note that shipping during times of extreme cold or heat can cause damage to the wine.

Buying your wine online can save you serious money. With competitive pricing and discounts, there are bargains to be had. Many online sites update coupon codes daily to bring you the best deals. If you have a coupon code, make sure it has been updated and verified.

So maybe it’s time to venture out into the online world of shopping for wine. After all, you’ve better things to do with your weekend. There’ll be no more standing in line at your local grocery store on a Saturday evening for you. Instead you’ll be preparing the pasta or fish to go with that great new wine.

Cheers to that.