Excerpt from E-Book

Excerpt from E-Book

It is the age of the eBook and it’s time you write yours! In fact, eBbooks are flying off the digital shelves, and it’s time you get yours in flight. Creative Copy Indy can give you exactly what you envision. Take a look at the well-written, engaging eBook excerpt below!

Live Your Dreams Today

Manifest Your Desires for a Life of Your Dreams

Perhaps you feel adrift in a sea of uncertainty. Life, it seems, could be a little easier. We should be able to get more of what we want. We work hard, but sometimes get nowhere.

Most likely, that is because we do not spend time to determine exactly what it is we want. We live each day without a map; we journey here and there in a random existence that lacks focus and purpose. What we must understand is that the random way in which we live our lives reinforces that very randomness.

Always, we manifest. Each thought we think invokes a flow of universal energy which, once engaged, begins to manifest our destinies. When we focus that energy, we begin to create, rather than simply react to, our desired realities.

Prepare a Manifesting Mindset

  • To begin to traverse your destined path, you must take a few initial, essential steps. You cannot wake up one day and say to the universe, “Let my destiny begin today!” Although that’s not a bad way to start each day, you must put a little effort into preparing yourself to receive the reward that await you. The universe is watching. She is waiting for a sign that you are ready.
  • Start with being positive: Being positive is a choice- not always an easy one, but a choice nonetheless. As you work to manifest your destiny, focus on feeling good, on being happy. That is the state in which you’ll create an energy to attract all that is good into your life. It’s much easier to live reactively, reacting to the often frustrating and chaotic world around you. It’s much tougher to focus, both internally and externally, on all that is right with the world.
  • Pattern your thought processes: You must pattern your thought processes to focus on calling forth your desires. As you do so, be sure to pattern them in a strong, affirming way. Rather than focusing on a need to be more productive, focus on how that productivity will attract great things into your life. Rather than focusing on a need to have healthier relationships, focus on how stronger, healthier relationships will impact the overall tone and energy of your life.
  • Trust that you will receive: We all struggle at some point in our lives. We want to be happy and to have our desires fulfilled. When we are struggling and unhappy, it is hard to believe that happiness and joy will ever find us; when we want something that seems out of reach, it’s tough to think that good things will ever come our way again. The trouble with that type of thinking is that it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. “Things just never go my way,” you think. A mandate of manifestation is that when you think it, you manifest it. The first step to realizing your dreams is to release the fear that you’ll be forever mired in an unproductive, unsuccessful life. You must let go of the disbelief and begin to trust. Only with trust and belief will your ability to call forth your desires begin. Whether through prayer, meditation or relaxation exercises, it is important to discharge your skepticism and uncertainty. Only then will you liberate yourself into a state of confidence and certainty, a state in which you can begin to attract what you desire.

Open Yourself to Receive

Once you have developed an affirming belief in your own destiny, begin asking the universe to free you from the thoughts that have thus far impeded your trust in all the possibilities life wants to afford you. You’ve dealt with your negativity; now you must deal with your inability to believe. Freeing yourself from any self-imposed limitations will open you to opportunities. And when these opportunities come, you must show up and be available. The energy that is life will begin to engage you in its dance. You must come fully dressed to the dance with an open dance card in hand, ready to fill each slot with all that awaits. As you focus on removing self-limiting mindsets, you will become available for all the universe has to offer. You will find yourself believing in the goodness provided by the grand scheme of all things. It is this belief that will propel you forward toward all that you desire. Open yourself to the positive, energized thought processes that will reveal the potential you are destined to fulfill.

Define Your Goals

Setting goals is a powerful means for shaping the future. Through articulated goals, we can motivate ourselves toward all we want to achieve. With goals firmly in place, we are driven forward with determination and purpose. Knowing exactly what we want puts us on the path to making our dreams come true.

Those who are already living their destinies, who are in tune with their desires and what life has called them to do and to be, know the importance of setting goals. As you learn to call upon the universe and engage in the energy of manifesting your desires, you must be specific about what

When you have solid goals, your attention becomes focused. Focus is a key mandate of manifesting your desires and living your best life. With focused attention, you begin naturally to move toward the fulfillment of what you want. You begin to organize your time and resources toward attaining your desires. When you set clear, defined goals, you can evaluate your life’s journey in terms of tangible progress. Yes, the universe will guide you along the path and provide you your desires. You must help by clearly determining what those desires are.

Articulating your goals can bring you a new perspective, which will then affect how you make decisions along the journey to your best, destined life. As you consider what your goals truly are, consider your priorities. Wherever your priorities lie is where you should put your focus.

  • Determine your specific wants and needs,
  • Get the details down.
  • Identify a timeline.
  • Take the first step.

Be sure that your goals are a reflection of what you want, not what someone else wants for you. Only then will they be a reflection of your authenticity. The universe asks only that we are true to ourselves.

Four Steps to Defining Your Goals

  • Determine your specific wants and needs, and then consider the big picture. What exactly is it that you want? What do you want to achieve? What do you want your life to look like? Articulate your goals and dreams as specifically and clearly as you can.
  • Now get the details down. Break that big picture into smaller snapshots. Consider the specific steps you need to complete to achieve your goals and make your dreams come true. Understand that on this journey toward your destiny you may occasionally need to adjust the steps you’ve laid out. A wrong turn may distract you momentarily, but with your larger, overall goals clearly in mind, you’ll be able to get back on track and to move, once again, in the right direction. Identifying the small steps that will lead you toward your ultimate goals will help keep you on the right path.
  • Identify a timeline. Determine the order in which your identified steps must be taken. Create a daily list of what you need to do to move forward toward your goals. That simple daily activity will create a focus, one that will increase not only the positive energy you expel, but the positive, focused energy of your life-force as well.
  • Take the first step. When confronted with a journey of overwhelming distance, the only way to move forward is to begin. You have a specific plan in place. You are now left to begin. It’s often the first step that is the most difficult, so hold your breath, gather the positive, trusting belief you’ve developed, and step forward. With that first step will come confidence. With confidence will come a renewed sense of motivation, determination and hope.

Envision the Life You Dream

Another key step in manifesting your destiny, the life you were meant to live, is to visualize your desires becoming your reality. Visualization is the practice of seeing what you desire, not as something to achieve, but as something you already have. It is a mental dress rehearsal, one during which you practice having what you want. Visualization brings with it a power and energy to create a new reality.

  • The subconscious becomes engaged. The powers of creativity, a part of your subconscious, become activated, dispersing a positive life-force which can shape your reality.
  • Your thought processes are reprogrammed. You will begin to recognize opportunities where you’d seen none.
  • The law of attraction, the law stating we draw to us all we think about, is invoked.
  • Your focus and motivation increases, creating a driving energy and purpose to all you do.

Visualizations change the assumptions you have about your life. They also change you at your very core, the beliefs you hold and the way you think about the world. By being intent on a life you envision, you engage in a process of transformation….