Four Great Reasons to Shop a Garden Nursery

Four Great Reasons to Shop a Garden Nursery

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Four Great Reasons to Shop a Garden Nursery

Spring is in the air! It’s time to check out your local nursery and see what they have to offer. It’s time to don the garden gloves and rubber boots and dig in the dirt. After all, you can bury a lot of troubles with a garden spade. So why shop the garden nursery, you ask? Why not fill your garden from one of the big box stores or buy your plants online? Oh, let me count the reasons:

The Offerings

Your local garden center, the nursery right down the street, is the best place to get the widest variety of plants. They have it all: annuals, perennials, houseplants, bushes, shrubs, fertilizer, and mulch. You get the picture. Better yet, you get what you want and what you need. Most nurseries offer other fun stuff as well. You can get garden and lawn accessories: fountains, bird feeders and furniture. You’ll find the landscaping items you need, such as quality edging, blocks and pavers. Some nurseries even stock barbeque grills and lawn décor.

Expert Quality and Care

Sure, you can choose to go to Lowe’s or Menard’s or Home Depot. It’s possible to save a little money. But in the long run, probably not. What you get at a garden nursery is better quality. Walking into a nursery means you’re looking at strong plants that have had some tender loving care. You aren’t wandering through rows of struggling flowers, bushes and ferns that just came off the truck parked out back. These colorful little sprouts have been nurtured in a greenhouse, protected from the harsh elements as they work to spring to life.

Most nurseries are independently owned by horticulturists at heart. These are the plant enthusiasts who lovingly snip and spray all day long, singing to the little buds they tend. They are experts at what they do. You won’t be talking rose bushes with a teenager who happens to be running the cash register that day. Read more. (Dropped text available here.)

Indigenous Inventories

Yet another reason to visit your local greenhouse and nursery is that the plants grown there are native to your particular area. The experts manning the farm, or in this case, the botanical wonderland, know the climate. They know what will grow and flourish and what won’t. Their garden inventories will be such that will adapt well to your backyard. You won’t be tempted to buy the beautiful Hoya that’s on sale if you live in Minnesota.

And if, by chance, you have a juniper or Japanese maple in need of medical attention, you will know exactly where to go. You’ve established a working relationship with the clinical staff at your local garden center; you can stop by with that spotted leaf, they will make a diagnosis and they will help you nurse your baby back to life.


Those of us who love our gardens can never, ever leave well enough alone. We are designers at heart. Some of us regularly rearrange our bushes, flowers, and shrubs to get the placement just right. It’s an aesthetic thing. Your local plant nursery will be filled with ideas for landscaping design. All the new, fun stuff will be on display. The experts there know their field, and we’re not talking about corn here. The nursery staff knows what’s new and trendy in the landscaping world. They can help you create that garden oasis you see in your dreams. They will listen and be excited to guide you as you describe the garden feel you are trying to create. It’s what they do. It’s what they love.

So the next time spring and planting fever hit, you know where to go. Your local garden nursery is really your only option if you want a beautiful, lush and colorful garden of your own. For more ideas on how best to utilize your local greenhouse and nursery, visit