Reservation Company Pitch-Sales Letter

Reservation Company Pitch-Sales Letter

Do you have the perfect idea and a need to get it noticed? Are you searching for new clients and/or investors? When you’re ready to pitch your idea but need some help to do it, we’re here. See how a pitch/sales letter from Creative Copy Indy  can give you the best words to pitch your idea for the best results!


Dear Restaurant Owner,

First, the bad news:

You’re probably quite aware that today’s restaurant reservation companies today keep 90% of what they charge restaurants, giving back less than 10% to the customers.

And that’s not all.

As these reservation companies continue to collect a substantial part of an individual restaurant’s proceeds, more and more new companies are joining their ranks. These new companies offer discounts not just for off hours and days, but also for those wanting to dine at 8pm on a Saturday night.

Incentives such as these, marketed by the ever-growing reservation companies who own nearly 100% of the reservation market, are holding restaurateurs hostage.

Now, the good news:

There is, however, a solution. That solution is Our Service, a winning formula designed by restaurant industry professionals for the restaurant industry.

As a member of Our Company, you will be able to give your customers more choices. With a limited number of members, higher incentives than other reservation companies and a means to cross-promote customers among restaurants, members of Our Company can dramatically increase their business, break free from the restraints of reservation companies and, ultimately, become independent. Additionally, rather than receiving 10% of what is charged to the restaurant, members of Our Company receive a substantial 100% return.

With direct contact to over 15,000 hotel concierges, corporate events directors, fortune 500 executives and others making thousands of reservations at fine NYC restaurants each day, Our Company offers a chance to become one of the few selected pilot restaurants using this system, a sophisticated reservations and marketing system that would normally cost thousands of dollars to develop, at zero cost.

Time to take control:

Isn’t it time to take control of your reservations, of your customers and of your business?

Our Company will show you how. We will help you to set up a superior system, allowing you to regain control of your business, to increase your business and to regain your loyal customers. No longer will you be held hostage.

If you would like to learn more about this innovative new way to manage your restaurant and your reservations, please contact Our Company at We would love to hear from you.


Marketing Director at Our Company