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Product Description

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Into a Confident, Gorgeous New You

Peer into the mirror and find a fresh, radiant YOU peering back!

It’s time to recapture your glow, to resonate with a self-assured, natural beauty once again. A distinctly sophisticated, intrinsically classic beauty awaits. It’s all about you, and it’s time to have it all.

We all long for radiant skin, silky hair and beautiful nails, but time and pesky environmental effects are stealing them away. Fortunately, there’s now a way to battle those beauty-stealing culprits and have the fresh, hydrated skin, strong nails and healthy hair you deserve.

The answer to your beauty woes is Bloom.

Look as Good as You Feel: Feel as Good as You Look

Created from an exciting blend of herbs and berries, Bloom is all-organic, non-gmo and completely natural. Thanks to the wide spectrum of organic healers contained in Bloom, you’ll be feeling great and looking gorgeous once again.

The Difference of Bloom

What makes Bloom unique? It’s all about the completely natural ingredients:

  • Sundried Schizandra Berries promote clear and radiant skin, helping your skin retain moisture, giving you a lovely glow while reducing and preventing wrinkles. This ancient beauty aid enhances your complexion, keeping your skin young, happy and healthy! The berries help reduce facial redness, thanks to their natural anti-inflammatory agents, and stimulate your central nervous system to boost energy.
  • Rosehips are filled with flavonoids, iron and vitamins A, C, E and P, helping to stop new melanin pigments from forming, which reduces spots and freckles. It also helps to produce collagen, keeping your skin moisturized, renewed, wrinkle-free and healthy.
  • Horsetail (the herb, not the mane) is an ancient healer known for its anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antioxidant, diuretic and astringent activity. Used to treat brittle bones, hair, teeth and nails, it will revitalize your mane, while strengthening both your nails and your bright smile.
  • Dong Quai, which Chinese women with flawless skin have used since ancient times, promotes strong circulation, helping with menstrual cramps, PMS and fatigue. With estrogen-like effects, Dong Quai is believed to help nourish the blood and balance energy. Encouraging beauty from the inside out, it helps to reduce anxiety, combats stress and mood swings and has a calming effect on the nervous system. An age-defying herb, it’s also used to treat eczema and rosacea, leaving skin clean, clear and fresh.
  • Sea Buckthorn fights the signs of aging, eases acne and enhances a radiant complexion. Grown high in the Himalayas, it boosts digestion, alleviates pain, and aids blood circulation. Boosting cardiovascular health, it gives you a gorgeous complexion by rejuvenating your cells. It’s also been used to improve brain function and boost energy.
  • Fo-ti has been used in Asia for centuries, helping you grow thicker, softer hair. It’s believed to help prevent or even REVERSE gray hair.
  • Resveratrol, found in red wine, is shown in studies to provide numerous anti-aging benefits. It speeds up the cell’s energy production centers and has been linked to protection against obesity and diabetes.

How Bloom Protects and Soothes Your Skin

Constantly under attack from free radicals produced by our bodies and by the air around us, our skin suffers. Antioxidants in Bloom neutralize these existing free radicals, preventing damage to our skin and preventing harmful molecules from forming in the first place.

Bloom also helps to correct damage from the sun: uneven pigmentation, broken blood vessels, loss of collagen and elastin, and wrinkly, sagging skin. Anti-inflammatory properties calm and heal your skin, helping to curb chronic damage from sun exposure, toxins and other irritants, all those nasty elements that accelerate aging by damaging the skin’s collagen and elastin.

Wine Anyone?

Bloom contains the skin of red wine grapes, which is making a name for itself as an anti-aging skin care ingredient. So pour a glass of wine. Pour two. But don’t forget to take your Bloom, a more direct and potent way to summon the benefits of this powerful antioxidant. Slather it directly onto your face and body to protect your skin from those brutal UVA and UVB rays.

Firm Your Face and Skin: Bring Back Your Glow

The natural ingredients in Bloom help to maintain healthy skin cells. The result? Younger looking skin. Visible signs of aging, like that dull skin we start to see, begin when old cells outnumber new. While there’s no way to entirely stop skin cells from aging, Bloom encourages an expansion of energy to extend the lifespan of cells. It keeps your skin glowing.

As we age our estrogen levels shift, producing less collagen, the key structural protein in our skin which provides a healthful elasticity. Less collagen results in crow’s feet, droopy, thin skin and lackluster lips. The Resveratrol in Bloom functions like estrogen, maintaining collagen levels and moisture for firm, perky skin and a radiant complexion.

Try Bloom Today!

It’s time to find the light in your new glow and to recapture the youthful beauty you deserve. It’s time to peer into the mirror and see a beautiful, healthy YOU peering right back. It’s time to begin to Bloom!