Reservation Company Press Release

Reservation Company Press Release

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ReservationsR-Us Returns Control of Reservations to Restaurants

Restaurateurs Take Care of Business               

City, State February 4, 2014 – Just as strategic alliances have become a key feature in many sectors of the economy, ReservationsR-Us is pleased to announce a new alliance for the restaurant industry. “We’re happy to be able to solve many of the issues restaurateurs are facing today,” reported company spokesperson, Rocky Reservationist. “With giant corporations entering the market, restaurants are losing customers, losing revenue and losing control. ReservationsR-Us is here to help them regain their control and independence.”

As a member of ReservationsR-Us, restaurants can now give their customers more choices. With a limited number of members, higher incentives than other reservation companies and a means to cross-promote customers among restaurants, members of ReservationsR-Us can dramatically increase their business, allowing them to break free from the restraints of reservation companies and, ultimately, to be become independent. Additionally, rather than receiving 10% of what is charged to the restaurant, members of Reservations Alliance receive a substantial 100% return.

Designed by restaurant industry professionals, ReservationsR-Us was developed in reaction to what they see as a growing monopolizing of the industry. Corporations such as Groupon, Google, Apple, Yelp and Urban Spoon have recently begun to capture the a large part of the market. As these new companies take business from traditional reservation companies who kick back part of their profits, they take business from individual restaurants. Every time a traditional reservation company loses to this new competition, restaurants lose business.

“ReservationsR-Us has the answer,” said Rocky Reservationist. “We are excited to offer an online alliance connecting reservation-taking restaurants and the diners making reservations. Our solution helps restaurants to build a loyal customer base by combining a network of other non-competing fine restaurants and reservation-makers.”

With direct contacts to over 15,000 hotel concierges, corporate special events directors, fortune 500 company executives and others who make thousands of reservations at fine NYC restaurants each day, ReservationsR-Us offers restaurants a chance to become one of the few selected pilot restaurants using this system, a sophisticated reservation/marketing/loyalty system that would cost thousands of dollars to develop, at zero cost.

Founded in 2014, ReservationsR-Us is a reservations and marketing program dedicated to preserving customer loyalty and reservations control for independent restaurants. To learn more about the system, its design and its benefits, visit


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