Hire a Speaker Blogs

Hire a Speaker Blogs

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How the Right Speaker Affects SEO

PR is important. This you know. What you may not realize is that just as social media and effective marketing drive web results, so do public relations. The right speaker helps to create the positive PR you need, which, in turn, affects your SEO.

Quality Speakers Increase Web Traffic

Attendees at your event are just like the rest of us. If we hear about it, we Google it. When a speaker addresses a topic, be it world peace or the latest in industrial technology, his audience is out there running a search. When we care about things, and a good speaker ensures that we do, we want to know more. When we want to know more, we turn to the web. The right, enthusiastic speaker with the right information can drive traffic exactly where you want it driven. To your site. (Which is why it’s so important to have solid SEO strategies in place.)

If you are savvy enough to invite your business partners and even a few relevant bloggers to your event, you will be sure to reap the benefits. Both professionals and bloggers share information. The right speaker will give them something to be excited about and, thus, something to write about. Chances are they will link directly to your site, giving you a white hat link and a position of authority within your industry.

A Better Reputation Equals a Bigger Brand

With energetic expertise, the right speaker will charm your crowd, creating excitement about your organization, your business, your product line, or whatever it is you are marketing. In an act of charitable good will, you might also invite the movers and shakers of your industry to attend. Chances are they, too, will repay you with mention of your event on their own sites.

Engaging a dynamic speaker is a great way to boost your reputation- your brand- and your business. With more and more time spent online, spending time offline has become something of a novelty. A good speaker at a good event gives us a chance to take our eyes off the screen and to spend time in human interaction. It’s community building. With the right speaker, your event becomes a conversation about something fresh and new: a common interest, a common

And in today’s web world of information overload, much of it poorly constructed, content that is fresh, new and solid gets noticed.

On Stage Now: What the Right Speaker Can Do for Your Event

All businesses look for ways to make meaningful change, and the right speaker can help you make that change. He can fill the room. He can bring a fresh understanding. He can solidify what it is you’ve been saying all along. And most importantly, he can inspire.

What’s the Buzz?

When you hire the right speaker for the right crowd, you create a sense of community. You strengthen the notion that you are all in this together, and you create the excitement needed to propel your business forward. Whatever your topic might be, you owe it to your event attendees to get the right speaker up front, to educate, to create excitement and buzz and to upscale your organization.


The right speaker becomes a momentary commander-in- chief, a temporary guru with great authority. He has the knowledge and now the opportunity to guide event attendees on an excursion they might not otherwise have taken. With a room full of individuals ready to be informed and entertained, a good speaker is the ideal artillery to propel an audience toward new ideas. Through personality and expertise, armed with valuable information, the right speaker can be paradigm-shifting, which is what so many businesses need in this ever-changing world. With new ideas comes increased revenue.

You might even consider recording the event and posting it on your website. Videos, now with the parsing of voice to text, are the new drivers of SEO, and significantly improve a site’s overall SEO performance. Sharing your event with a wider audience makes sense.