Autoresponder Emails

Autoresponder Emails

What better way to keep your customers engaged than with energetic autoresponder emails? Keep them fun and friendly and informative, and you’ll be amazed at how compelling they can be. See our creative samples below.

Autoresponder Emails for Website Generated Traffic

Subject Line: Green light? Go!

Everybody likes to be appreciated and the Universe is no different. It is working to fulfill your dreams.

So be grateful. Give thanks to the Universe for all it has provided, and then take advantage of what it’s provided.

I thank the Universe every time I’m running late to work and make it through the tail end of a green light. And the amazing thing is that I make it through more green lights than most. Seriously.

When you show gratitude, the Universe brings even more good things your way. It sees you as a happy, positive person who knows how to see all the blessings it has provided.

So don’t forget your manners. Say thank you!

And when the light is green, Go!

Subject Line: Put out the Welcome Mat.

Did you know you can welcome all that is good into your life? It’s true!

The Law of Attraction says you can welcome goodness into your life. All you have to do is focus on all that is good.

How simple is that!?

By focusing on positive thoughts, you literally put a welcome mat at your door inviting goodness to enter. Focusing on the positive creates a successful and prosperous expectation that attracts more of the same.

If you expect to be disappointed, you create an energy of disappointment that provides disappoint. If you expect to be fulfilled, you create an energy that sends fulfillment to your door.

So expect what you want and then open the door to welcome it in.

Subject Line: Relax!

If you’re having trouble attracting what you want into your life, it may be time to relax!

And the best place to start relaxation is in your mind. If you’re anything like me, those worries and stresses keep flit around in your brain all day long. What’s worse is when they flit around all night!

I’ve found that one way to stop those anxious thoughts is to meditate. I quiet my mind in meditation for five or ten minutes every day.

I do this in the morning over my morning coffee. It’s a great way to start the day! But you can do it anywhere any time.

Just take five or ten minutes, breathe deeply, and repeat a word or phrase each time you dispel that deep breath. Each time I release a deep breathe, I alternate between saying the words “peace” and “calm.”

Within ten minutes, I’m ready to start my day with an attitude of peace and calm. It works every time!

Subject Line: Talk the Talk

If you really want to change your life, you need to articulate what it is you want and then release your doubts.

You’re asking the Universe to give you what you want and that can’t happen if you’re not clear on what it is you’re asking.

If you want more money, say it. If you want a more loving relationship, ask for it.

If you know exactly what you want, you’ll get it. All you have to do is talk the talk. Of course it never hurts to also walk the walk.

When you’re uncertain and filled with doubt, the Universe won’t be able to clearly understand what it is you want. So get clear. Get enthusiastic.

Increase the energy and frequency in your life for what it is you want by saying it. Sometimes I even say it loud!