Edit Notes Sent to Client

Edit Notes Sent to Client

Sure. You want a solid edit. You also want to understand what is happening with your text during this mysterious edit phase. That’s where we come in. In fact, that’s where we excel. Check out an example of our detailed client edit notes below.

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Dear Client,

I’ve completed the edit and am excited for you to see where we are. I have quite a few notes/ideas to share with you…so please bear with me.


As I edited, I tried to keep your organization- the how/when you were presenting information and events – in mind, thinking I could suggest a tighter way to organize. However, I had a bit of an A-ha! moment:

The organization seemed somewhat random until I realized that you are- perhaps- presenting your story and the surrounding information in the way you processed it. It’s as though having been through this horror, you cannot start at the beginning and tell your story chronologically. You can only tell it in increments. It’s as though you must circle around it, tentatively hitting on pieces of what happened until you and, thus the reader, ultimately understand the whole story. I think it is extremely powerful and effective.

If you ask me to expand the manuscript, we can introduce the organization in a way that will help readers understand that they are reading the story in the only way it could be told. It’s a part of your emotional journey, and as they read they will share that journey with you, learning what you’ve learned.

Other questions/comments:

  • A couple of times you refer to a mother’s son or daughter, but most of the references are for daughters. Because of the his/her/their pronoun issue, we need to decide how to be consistent throughout.
  • I think the bullet points might be more effective reformatted into text.
  • I’ve highlighted in gray the areas that need a bit more detail and/or explanation.
  • On page 6, I think I have Jared’s age/year in school wrong but couldn’t find another specific reference. I’m not sure what happened….
  • I added a few chapter headings which can easily be changed.
  • I added in the additional text you sent w/ info on grooming and casing the joint.
  • I’ve attached a separate sheet w/ possible ideas/areas in which we might expand the text. I’m sure you have other ideas as well…

I think that’s it. Give it a really good read and let me know what you think. If I’ve missed anything or you’d like what I’ve done tweaked, just let me know and I’ll take care of it.

Thanks so much and I look forward to hearing from you.