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Whatever your personal writing needs, Creative Copy Indy is here to serve you. We have helped to create a wide array of writing projects.

From academia to “About” pages to holiday letters for friends and family, our services will bring your writing project to life. With a strong style and voice, precise construction and the ability to match your vision, we can help you create a perfect piece of writing.

The Joys of Writing

And How to Find Your Voice

Personal writing is, well, a personal thing. It’s very much like speaking. Only different. A case in point: Have you ever walked away from a conversation wishing you’d said things differently? Most of us have.

Personal writing helps us find the words we can’t always find in our speech. Whether it’s an essay, a letter, a resume or a personal narrative, writing gives us time to define our thoughts. Contrary to when we speak, when we write, we can reflect. We can shape our thoughts to be exactly what we want them to be. We can take time to be exact. To be concise. To say what we mean to say. Writing allows us to discover, and then to be, who we truly are.

Writing allows for contemplation.

Writing changes the way we see the world. It changes our perception. Suddenly we notice things we’d not noticed before. We find ourselves reflecting on our lives with time to determine what to make of them. The words we use when we write provide a context for the situations in which we find ourselves.

They also allow us to view our lives through different lenses. Perhaps you typically react to stresses on your job with anger or with angst, knee-jerk reactions of which you aren’t truly aware. If you sit down and write about whatever it is that is causing you distress, you’ll find yourself exploring the triggers that upset you. You’ll start to see other perspectives. You’ll begin to analyze not only what is going on, but your own reactions.

Writing affords us objectivity.

Writing also helps us to be more objective. Sure, when you first touch pen to paper you may find yourself performing an emotional dump. Eventually, however, you’ll gain the calm needed to get down to the real issues. Such objectivity allows us to reflect on the facts of the situation and deal with them on a less emotional, more rational level.

Writing also allows us to question our thoughts in a neutral, unbiased way. Much more so than speaking does. Rather than walking around with a confusion of thoughts bouncing around in our brains, we can put our thoughts down in the form of words, which then urges us to question our opinions and arguments. When we can equitably evaluate those opinions and arguments, they become more refined. Ultimately, when we write, we become more confident in our ideas because we have explored them fully. We become more critical thinkers. As we find new words to precisely reflect our thoughts, we strengthen our ability to order those thoughts logically and to use them to present our ideas in a stronger, more objective and more concise way.

Writing encourages authenticity.

Writing helps define who we are. It clarifies our very existence because it encourages us to find our voice. When a person has found his voice, he has found himself. Having your own unique voice allows others to really hear you. It allows you to present yourself in a way that is uniquely you.

Some people, and you may be one, become stymied in their writing because they aren’t sure they’re doing it correctly. Yes, grammar and mechanics are important. In a former life I was one of those annoying, grammar-obsessed English teachers, and I still care very much about the rules. So should you. But I’m also certain that you should not allow the rules to intimidate or inhibit you.

There are times when you need to break the rules, times when a fragment works better than a complete sentence. Like now. There are times when you might want to start a sentence with a conjunction. And that’s okay. The point is not to get caught up in the rules.

Most importantly when you write, you want to communicate effectively. You want to be deliberate. You want to be authentic. When you let your true voice, the one you use when you speak, resonate with authentic inflection, passion and enthusiasm, you’ll have something special. You’ll have your own unique authorial voice. When you find your voice, others will not only hear what you have to say; they’ll listen.

So if you’re ready to write but need some help, let us know. We will get you started on whatever personal writing project you need, and with our help, you’ll soon discover the contemplative, objective, authentic voice that’s been buried within.