Marketing Copy

Copy that Sells!

With only seconds to capture buyers’ attention, your marketing copy must quickly draw readers in as it delivers a powerful, effective message.

We provide high-energy, persuasive ad copy to help your target audience understand the value of your products and services. Engaging and informative with strong word choice and an attention to detail, our copy helps readers identify that they need what it is you offer.

3 Quick Moves for Kickin’ Marketing Copy

Style, Simplicity, Specifics

Marketing copy is clean. It’s simple. It has pizazz, and it entices your readers to want to learn more.

Show some Style

Good marketing copy has style. There’s rhyme and reason with an emphasis on both. Yes, it’s marketing copy. But if you want readers to enjoy it and, more importantly, to remember it, it needs to be much more than just marketing copy.

It needs to be fun and expressive and memorable.

Using rhyme makes your copy memorable. Remember the nursery rhymes from your youth? Hickory dickory dock. The itsy bitsy spider. I’m a little teapot. You remember the rhyme, which makes it a great marketing tool. It makes your readers smile. It helps them remember who you are and what you have to offer: “The best part of waking up, is Folgers in your cup.” Need I say more?

There are loads of other literary techniques that can add oomph to your marketing copy:

Consider using allusion: A- tisket a-tasket, I have a yellow basket. And it’s for sale.

Or alliteration: Get a little literary with reason and with rhyme.

Or parallelism, which is repetition’s sophisticated cousin: It’s fun. It’s hip. It’s what you need.

Embedding literary techniques within your marketing copy says you’re fun and creative and maybe a bit whimsical; it says you’re educated and worldly and that you know your readers are too.

Keep it Simple

Forced copy sounds, in a word, bad. Trying to do too much at once makes your copy sound like you’re trying too hard, like a stiff salesman in a stiffer suit. You want your product to sell itself, and your copy is your product’s voice.

The goal is to seduce your audience with words and with style, to make them feel a connection with your product. Sometimes the best way to do that is to interpose your message with a sense of quiet calm.

We’ve all seen this:


Be honest. You recoiled just a bit, didn’t you? Most readers do. And yet it’s the method many marketers use to reach their audience.

Now try this:

Our product accompanies you wherever you go. Whether you’re hiking along a mountain ravine, sunning on a warm, sandy shore or curling up to a campfire, our product makes your moments count.

Rather than reacting to pointless, screaming verbiage, we’re curious. We want to know more. What is this product and how might it enhance my life? An intriguing whisper beats an obnoxious shriek every time.

Also true is that today’s shoppers are far more savvy than many marketers want to believe. Consumers are tired of the noise and the nonsense. They want what they want and they don’t want to listen to endless chatter to get it. Sales-speak makes them weary. And it often makes them walk away.

“Nothing strengthens authority so much as silence,” said Leonardo da Vinci. Don’t be the noisiest one in the room. Be the gracefully strong authority.

Be Precise

So how do you talk about what you have to offer without forcing your readers to cover their ears and run? The most effective way is quietly and with class. And with details.

Consumers want exact language and strong imagery. They want to be shown, not told, what they need. They want to know what your product can do for them right now.

Decide on your message and then help your audience hear it, see it, feel it. Let them make the educated choice only they can make. They’ll feel better about themselves, they’ll feel better about your product and they’ll feel better about you.

The best way to be precise is to offer up the concrete. Quality. Excellence. Innovation: These are abstract ideas. There’s nothing specific. There’s nothing to see or feel or hear.

And although abstract ideas do have a place in marketing copy, there must be more. There must be meat on the bone, something specific that shows readers exactly why your product is worthy of those vague descriptors. Show them the quality. Describe the excellence. Detail the innovation.

That is how you build credibility.

Walt Disney said, “There is no magic in magic, it’s all in the details.” Walt Disney knew magic, and he knew marketing.

Give your readers the details.

The Final Analysis

Marketing copy should be fun to read. It should pull your readers in, make them smile and enjoy the time they’ve spent with you. It should make them want to buy. Dazzle and delight them. When you do, they’ll come back for more.

If you’d like to hear more about how to use marketing copy effectively, let us know. We’d love to chat with you about your marketing content needs.