Copywriting FAQs

Here are the FAQs.  You have questions, and I am here to provide answers.

From the time it takes to the costs involved, you deserve to know what the process looks like. From what you can expect to whether or not you’ll be happy with the results, I am here to set your mind at ease.

Working with Creative Copy Indy could not be easier. You provide the vision and we provide the product. Easy peasy.

Answer: It depends on when you need it. I’ll work with you to set up deadlines that meet your timeline.

Answer: Because each project is vastly different in terms of time and work involved, rates vary. Once I have your job specs and understand exactly what you need, I can give you an exact quote.

Answer: I generally invoice through PayPal, but if you have another payment plan in mind, I’m open to discussion. When working with new clients, I ask for a 50% deposit before I begin. Once the project is complete to your satisfaction, I send a final invoice, which is due upon receipt.

Answer: I prefer to communicate through email. It’s quick. It’s convenient. And it allows me to keep in contact on a regular basis. I pride myself on answering emails within a day or two. For bigger jobs, I like to touch base initially by phone so we can discuss your project in detail.

Answer: Again, that depends on the job. Mostly, I need to know the details and the vision you have for your project.

Answer: Absolutely! I have yet to have a dissatisfied client. If we spend the time upfront making sure we’re both on the same page, I guarantee you’ll be happy with the end result. When I think I’ve done exactly what you’ve hired me to do, I’ll ship off a draft for your approval. I’ll then take care of whatever tweaking required before I send a final invoice. For bigger jobs, I like to set up milestones- deadlines for installments of the work. Doing so helps avoid any miscommunication or confusion. You can make sure I understand your vision before either of us spends time moving in the wrong direction.