Cooking with My Celebrity Son

I’m a mom and a writer and now I’m cooking with my celebrity son on national TV. Okay, I appeared once. Check out my Mom/Celebrity Son Blog!

Now Appearing on National TV!


Adam Klotz Weatherman PhotoI am a mom.  I spent years -dare I say three decades – as a high school English teacher. These days, I am a writer.

I have never been a cook. I have never played one on TV. Until now.

Who’d have thought all those years ago as I worked full time and raised two boys (ok, their dad helped), as I taught, retired and started a writing gig, that one day I’d be cooking with one of those boys on national TV?

I certainly did not.

Sure, I fed my family. Casseroles and such.

So here’s the story. My older son Adam is a weather guy. He’s a meteorologist at Fox News in New York. I am incredibly proud. (I’m incredibly proud of his little brother as well.)

We Love Indy!

Settled mid-state along the beautiful White River, Indianapolis, aka Naptown, is a reflection of the over two million warm, hospitable Hoosiers proud to call the greater city area home.

Hoosier Pride. As a part of that welcoming attitude, Naptownians take great pride in their city. Not only has the city invested more than $5 billion to beautify the downtown area since 1990, the not-for-profit Keep Indianapolis Beautiful has planted over 40,000 trees since 1976.

The Key to Being Happy – Right Now

It’s that all-elusive happiness thing. Many of us, and I’ve been guilty of this, have a sense it’s something we’re working toward, something we’ll achieve someday, if we’re patient. “I’ll be happy when I get that new job, or when the kids are settled, or when the house is paid for, or, or, or….” I’ve decided recently, however, that happiness is a choice.

A Bit More Virtual: A Bit Less Authentic

Digital Communication in a Technological World

Nobody’s going to deny it. We communicate differently these days. For one thing, it’s so much faster and easier to communicate than ever before. We can call or text or chat online. We can message or tweet or Instagram. Thanks to digital communication we can stay connected in a way none of might have before imagined. We can reach out to those we care about and let them know they are important to us, and they can reach back. Honestly, how many of us, before our feet even hit the floor, pick up our phones in the morning, just in case someone has reached out in the night? That little blinking light validates us. We’re needed. We’re loved.