Meet Terri Breidenbaugh, the gal who can take care of your copy writing needs

Terri Klotz Photo

These days I do copy writing. However, that’s not how it’s always been.

I spent the bulk of my adult life in high school. Not in one of those little student desks, mind you. I sat (when I had time to sit) at the big teacher’s desk. And I loved it. Teaching taught me so much: I learned patience and compassion and how to laugh at myself. I learned that when someone needs you, you need to be there. For 32 years, sitting behind that big desk, I learned to have hope in the future – to see the good in people and in life.

Finally, however, after a lifetime of teaching writing, I knew it was time to pack up my desk, to say good-bye and to get out there and practice what I’d preached. Thus, in the spring of 2013, Creative Copy Indy was born.

I miss my students. Sometimes. But my clients make up for anything I might have lost. Working with clients, discussing the writing they need and the vision they have, and then creating that vision for them, is one of my greatest joys. I can’t imagine doing anything else.

So Now a Little About You….

You have a copy writing need. Maybe it’s to attract a wider audience to grow your business. Maybe it’s to smooth and polish what you’ve already written. Perhaps it’s a resume and cover letter to land the perfect job. Or maybe it’s to write that best seller you’ve had formulating in your head forever.

Whatever it is, I understand that you are BUSY. Life gets that way. Sometimes we simply don’t have the time, not to mention the energy, to sit down and pound out the words.

That’s why you need me.

Let me take care of your copy writing needs so that you can take care of business- the business of running your business or the business of running your life.

Writing is my strength and my passion. I want to hear about your vision. I want to give you the words you need. I want to take your ideas and craft them into the original, creative, compelling copy you only hoped you might achieve.